What is Long-Term Acute Care VH Mahoning Valley

What is Long Term Acute Care?

Long-term acute care (LTAC) is the type of care provided in Vibra Hospitals. Vibra has a nationwide network of transitional care hospitals unique in their ability to care for medically complex patients who benefit from extended recovery time. Our patients receive this much needed care through treatment delivered according to their individual needs. Our board-certified physicians see patients daily to assure the best outcomes possible. The majority of our patients are admitted after a stay in a short-term hospital, often from intensive care and step-down units. Vibra Hospitals specialize in caring for patients with:

  • An average length of stay of 25-30 days
  • Three to six concurrent active diagnoses and an acute episode on top of several chronic illnesses and co-morbidities that cannot be treated effectively at an alternative level of care
  • Multiple acute complexities as determined by a physician assessment and subsequent documentation requiring daily physician intervention